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Your 24x7 Shopify Assistant

Let your customers track their orders with Alexa

How ShopClerk Works


"Where's My Order?"

No more searching for tracking numbers or saving searches or scanning text alerts for order status. Your customers can inquire about their shipping status with voice.

Tracking Info Reply

"As of 2:18pm, your package is out for delivery!"

Within seconds, shipping information is provided to your customers.

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ShopClerk Benefits

For You


A zero-cost solution to bring voice to your shop

Easy Install

ShopClerk installs into your Shopify store in 3 easy steps

Simple Setup

Add voice to your Shopify store without any learning curve

For Your Customers

Saves Time

Alexa allows your customers to track shipping with minimal effort whenever they want

Easy Onboarding

Your customers will get an instructional email right after their purchase


Many people have and love Alexa

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