AVOX.io Launches ‘ShopClerk: Where’s My Order?’ for Shopify and Amazon Alexa

Voice commerce startup allows online retailers to connect Amazon Alexa directly to their stores for order tracking and customer support

Cambridge, MA: AVOX.io announced today the release of ‘ShopClerk: Where’s my order?’, a Shopify application that integrates Amazon Alexa directly into Shopify stores. The app allows customers to track orders using Amazon Alexa simply by saying, “Alexa, ask Shop Clerk where’s my order?”

“With this launch, online retailers now have voice-commerce tools designed specifically for their needs”, stated AVOX.io CoFounder Kyle Kilcoyne. “Our goal is to democratize access to voice commerce tools so

that all online retailers can provide better customer service and sell more using voice.”

The privately-held company, based in Kendall Sq in Cambridge, MA –  the heart of Boston’s AI technology community, built ShopClerk to simplify the way consumers interact with online stores and increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

“This product is a significant step forward in simplifying how consumers interact with online shopping sites”, stated Kevin Bedell, CEO of AVOX.io. “Getting an update by saying ‘Alexa, ask Shop Clerk  where’s my order?’ is simpler than checking your email or even pulling out and looking at your phone. Our customers find that very appealing.”

Through the use of machine learning and natural language processing, the company has developed a number of novel approaches in solving this problem. “Making something that’s truly simpler is really hard. We’ll continue to pursue patent protection for our intellectual property in the areas of AI and Voice Commerce”, stated Mr. Bedell.

Mr. Kilcoyne discussed this product in light of the company’s plans for this year: “This is the first product released from our AVOX.io ‘One Cloud’ Voice Commerce Suite. We’re extremely excited about the capabilities we’ll be providing to online sellers this year. Watch this space!”

“ShopClerk: Where’s my order?” is available now for the leading eCommerce platform, Shopify.

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